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Cho Gon Ka - Chang Hen Ge

Early Edo period
3 scrolls in lacquered wood box

Hand-coloured scrolls with total 18 plates (30 sheets); height 31.8 cm, length 1962.8 cm.; 2114.1 cm.; 1781.1 cm; olive green brocade covers with lozenge and aureola pattern; vermillion title slip; papers elaborately ornamented with gold.
Japanese translation and annotation of gChang hen geh(The Song of Everlasting Sorrow), Bai Juyifs magnum opus which retelling the tragic love story of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and Yang Guifei.


Hitomotogiku (A Solitary Chrysanthemum)

Genroku era (c.1688-1704)
3 scrolls

31.0 x 1643 cm; 1724 cm.; 1654 cm.; yellowish green brocade with shokko pattern, flyleaf decorated with gold foil; 27 illustrations in total.
Hitomotogiku, also known as Shiragiku Soshi, is a story of two noble children and their wicked stepmother.


Tsuru no Soshi Emaki (The Crane's Tale)

Manji/Kanbun era (Late 17th century)
2 scrolls

Handscrolls ornamented with elaborate illustrations and gold foils; deep blue brocade with ivy pattern; gold title slip; papers with gold foil; lacquered wood box.
The story tells a marriage of a young man with a woman who was in fact a crane which he had saved.


Shitamoe Soshi Emaki

Late Edo period

Hakubyo (monochrome painting) handscroll, beige brocade cover with peony pattern, flyleaf with gold foil. Consisting of 6 chapters with 6 illustrations. Okugaki, a note added to the end of the scroll, by Tosa Mitsuoki says that the original copy was made by Tosa Mitsunobu in Kanbun 3(1663).


Oeyama Emaki (Oeyama Picture Scrolls)

Manji/Kanbun era (Late 17th century)

Hand-coloured scrolls with total 23 illustrations; height 34.6 cm, length 4156 cm.(total); golden brown brocade covers with qilin pattern; title strip decorated with gold dust; gilt flyleaves; torinoko papers decorated with gold foil.
Oeyama Emaki has some variations called "Oeyama Ekotoba" or "Shuten Doji". They depict the medieval legend of Minamoto no Yorimitsu who defeated the demon Shuten Doji.

Onzoshi Shimawatari
(The Voyage of Minamoto no Yoshitsune )

Tensho/Bunroku era (Late 16th century)

30.9 x 1142.0 cm.; brown brocade with peony pattern, flyleaf decorated with gold and silver foil, papers ornamented with gold paint showing designs of butterfly, dragonfly, morning glory, ivy, grape, and so on.
Onzoshi Shimawatari (Princefs voyage to the north island) tells a voyage of Minamoto Yoshitsune to Ezo (present Hokkaido). Few copies in scroll form survive and this is presumably one of the oldest examples. Volume two only.

Gosannen Kassen Emaki

Late Edo period

Height 42.5 cm., length 1468 cm.: 1373 cm.: 1239 cm., handcolored scroll wih 14 illustrations; silk cover, flyleaf decorated with gold foil.
Gosannen Kassen (Gosannen no eki, or the Later Three-Year War) is a warfare occured in 11 century in Tohoku region.

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