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Engravings of the Emperor Qianlong's Conquests.
80 sheets in 7 boxes

Aurel Stein
Wall Paintings from Ancient Shrines in Central Asia

A TIBETAN-SANSKRIT DICTIONARY Supplementary Volume edited by Lokesh Chandra

edited by H. A. Jaschke


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 catalogue 267:Gastronomy 

catalogue 264:Children's books, illustrated books, private press, books on Japan & Asia[pdf]
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As an antiquarian bookseller:

In business since 1932, we are now one of the largest antiquarian booksellers in Japan, being members of the International League of Antiquarian Bookseller and the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of Japan. With a catalogued inventory of over 30,000 items of Japanese and Western antiquarian books, we are among leading specialists in the fields of humanities. Manuscripts of the 8th century, literary works of the 11th century through the 13th century, and old block print of the15th century through the 18th century can be found in the stock. Through the years, we have issued over 80 catalogues of Japanese antiquarian books and over 220 catalogues of Western antiquarian books. Members of the firm travel extensively in Japan, America, and Europe to buy libraries and to attend book fairs and auctions. We are always active buyers, ranging from individual better items to entire collections. Your contact by fax or E-mail would be anytime welcomed.
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As a publisher:

Since 1963, Rinsen Book has been publishing books in the fields of humanities. We have produced over 900 titles including micro-film. Some, such as Apte: The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary, and Das : Tibetan-English Dictionary, Jaschke: A Tibetan-English Dictionary, Chandra : Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary, Sylvain Lévi's MAHĀYĀNA-SUTRĀLAMKĀRA:Exposé de la Doctrine du Grand Véhicule, become such classics that they are still in print many years after publication.
We also publish
works (in English) of American and British authors, and reprint edition of Pensees de Pascal, Fabre's Souvenirs Entomologiques, La Bible d'Olivetan(1535) . Please click the title if you wish to browse our on-line catalogue at this web site.
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Both departments have served a large international clientele of public institution, universities, libraries and private collectors in the acquisition of rare books and in collection development.

Our office in Kyoto is located in the academic area where Kyoto University and Doshisha University are nearby. We are open from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm from Monday through Saturday. We are closed Sunday and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4rd Saturday, and National holidays.

We solicit your requests for our printed catalogues of our publication and of our antiquarian books. You may contact us via E-mail or Fax. Please indicate as precisely as possible the fields in which you are interested.

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